Spring 2017 CSCI 373.005 Schedule

CSCI 373.005 will meet on Tuesday from 5:10 PM to 7:40 PM.

At the first of the semester there will be a lot of blank entries in this schedule. As the semester progresses, they will be filled in.

Date Topic
17 Jan Introduction, Files & directories, and File search
24 Jan Connecting, File search and Processes and shells
31 Jan Secure Shell and encryption
System setup
7 Feb Reading: Chapters 1–3 of UNIX and Linux System Administration Handbook
Reading: Chapter 5 of How Linux Works
Activity: Set yourself up for ssh without password and PGP encrypt email as explained in the Secure Shell and encryption notes
14 Feb Serious reading: Chapters 3 & 4 of How Linux Works
Activity: Booting, devices, etc. and
21 Feb Serious reading: Chapter 4 of How Linux Works
files and file systems
28 Feb Dividing the Pi and more files
Fast reading: Microsoft EFI FAT32 File System Specification
A start at Exploring FAT16
7 Mar Dividing the Pi and more files
More Exploring FAT16
21 Mar The topics to be covered
Another look at grep and find
redhat documentation for systemd
Serious reading: Chapter 6 of How Linux Works
28 Mar The topics to be covered
Serious reading: Chapters 7 & 8 of How Linux Works
4 Apr Exam 1 — files, file systems and commands
review Spring 2015 exams!
11 Apr Exam 1 and some some grep and find expressions
A process control example
Python for scripting: re, os, subprocess, HTMLParser, SimpleHTTPServer
References: Regular expressions in Python, Python for Unix and Linux System Administration (Subprocess in chapter 10)
18 Apr Network Administration I
Serious reading: Chapters 9 & 10 of How Linux Works
25 Apr Firewalls and more Exploring FAT16 (with homework)
Serious reading: Chapters 11, 12 & 13 of How Linux Works
optional Exam 1 retake for grep and find expressions
2 May May Day plus 1 review
3:00 PM – 5:30 PM, 4 May Presentations & Start of take home