Spring 2017 CSCI 373 Homework 6

Note that this assignment is due by 11:00 PM Saturday, 4 March, so that you will have your own personal Pi for next week’s activities.


  1. Find yourself a personal Pi. If you have been working with a group, the group members should decide who gets the present group Pi.
  2. Send email to brock@unca.edu so I can create personal FQDN for your Pi.
  3. Create your personal account for your personal Pi. Your username should match your UNCA email id. If you’ve been working with a group Pi, you should help your group mates in creating their accounts; however, you should type every character need to create your account.
  4. Place your account in the sudo group.
  5. Login to your personal Pi using your account and create a file in your home directory called testfile.txt .
  6. Set up password-less ssh from your computer science workstation account to your personal Pi account.

Turn in

You don’t need to turn anything in. I will login to your personal Pi and check it out. However, there is a Homework 6 moodle page for grades and comments.