Spring 2017 CSCI 255 Homework 1 Redo

This assignment can be used to replace your original grade for Homework 1. It’s just Homework 1 with different numbers. You may want to look at the Homework 1 solution first.

This assignment is due in class on 30 January or may be uploaded in PDF format to Homework 1 on moodle by 12:45 PM on 13 Febrary. Yes, this is the same drop-off as was using in Homework 1. You can just add your “redo” to your earlier solution.

Problem 1

Express the following base 10 numbers in 12-bit fixed-point twos-complement representation with 6 integer bits and 6 fraction bits. Some of the numbers cannot be expressed exactly, so give the nearest fixed-point representaion.

Problem 2

Express the following 12-bit fixed-point twos-complement numbers with 6 integer bits and 6 fraction bits as base 10 decimal numbers.

Problem 3

What is the 32-bit IEEE 754 representation for 45.67?

Problem 4

If 0x45670000 is the 32-bit IEEE 754 representation of a Java float, what is the floating point number?