CSCI 320 — Chapter 7 comments

The PowerPoint

Hefty thoughts

In modern terminology, chapter 6 discusses the instruction set architecture and chapter 7 discusses the microarchitecture. The “micro” has nothing to do with microcomputers.

Implementing a simplified microarchitecture in HDL was a popular activity in a computer architecture course. Generally the activity is restricted to a small part of a “toy” architecture. This is usually done by developing a data path and an associated FSM control structure. An early edition of the textbook Digital Design with an Introduction to the Verilog HDL was used by Wayne Lang in the Fall 1999 section of CSCI 255 following this example. Later offerings of CSCI 255 and ECE 109 used Introduction to Computign Systems: From Bits and Gates to C which presented a very detailed microprogrammed implementation which could be implemented in HDL but was usually accompished by filling in a table.

Notes on the PowerPoint

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