Spring 2016 CSCI 320 Homework 9


Recently, a New Media professor (not from UNC Asheville) told me that every New Media major should learn how to build a computer on a breakboard. I think this is also a appropriate goal for Computer Science majors.

One possible task – Arduino on a breadboard

I know the New Media professor was talking about building an Arduino on a breadboard. If you want do that, go ahead. You’ll be on your own, but there are plenty of tutorials on the ’net.

The suggested task – 8-pin PIC12 on a breadboard

The alternative is to complete the power management lab from the Fall 2014 offering of CSCI 255. I know that 11 students in this term’s CSCI 320 were students in that offering of CSCI 320. In all there are 32 students in CSCI 320.

Divide yourselves into teams of two or three such that none of these teams can contain more than one graduate of the Fall 2014 offering of CSCI 255. The teams can complete the lab.

Turning in

You need to demonstrate it. I am willing to except media-based demonstrations such as pictures or videos.