l Homework 7

Spring 2016 CSCI 320 Homework 6

Read this first

Do Homework 7 before doing this one.

Getting started

Download a compressed tar.gz file for a NetBeans project containing a single source file, DontEverDoThis.c. Uncompress the file and start up NetBeans on the project.

Run the program. It should immediately crash.

Your task

Originally, the task was supposed to be a bit more exciting, but there were some issues with returning from a signal handler on a x86-based Linux system. However, the old-fashioned Unix way works fine and that’s what we are going to do.

The real task

Run the program and look at the output.

Open up your favorite text editor and do the following.

Submitting the assignment

Save your file in PDF. That’s the one format supported by Moodle’s commenter feature. Then upload it to the homework 6 moodle page by 11:55 PM on April 15.