Spring 2016 CSCI 320 Homework 1

Turning it in

This assignment is due in class on 26 January or may be uploaded to Homework 1 on moodle before class starts. Be prepared to discuss your answer in class.

The assignment

This assignment is different than ones you have done in CSCI 255 for a couple of reasons. First, the point is not to get the correct answer, to be describe your process of analyzing two problems. Second, you can work with up to three people on the problems as long as you all contribute to the process and you turn in a work log describing your contributions to the process.

Both of these problems are from the textbook.

First problem

The first problem is Exercise 1.78 on page 47. The figure in the textbook is a bit vague, and you will need to start by making a clear statement of a function representing the transfer characteristics of the device.

Once you have a precise definition of the transfer characteristic, you need to come up with a solution to the problem and present it in a couple of paragraphs presenting. Be sure to given appropriate values (if possible) for the parameters VIL, VIH, VOL, and VOH in your answer.

Second problem

The second problem is Exercise 2.44. In this case there is one solution to the problem. However, don’t just give the propagation and containation delay values. Describe your reasoning for arriving at your answer.