CSCI 107 — 2D to 3D

Current events

Putting things on a path

Try to generate text on a path. We will do this in a later homework.

Tracing — Raster to Vector

There are many tutorials on vectorizing drawings. You can do an internet search or you can just read the Inkscape tutorial. Try to vectorize a outline of our fair state.
North Carolina

Importing to TinkerCad

Save your drawing in SVG. We’ll talk about doing this from a picture later. Often it does not work!

Here a couple of examples using shared TinkerCad projects. I hope this works.

Using Homework 8

Do you think you could print that small Inkscape lab involving The Noun Project. Try your hand at exporting your Inkscape SVG to TinkerCad.

Working with color

What’s next

Download GIMP.