CSCI 107 Exam 2 review

Students requiring accommodations approved by the Office of Academic Accessibility must have the ordinary section of the exam administered by the Office of Academic Accessibility.

The Ordinary

The ordinary exam will be closed-book and closed-notes with short-answer questions.

Everything from Exam 1

All exams are cumulative. Start with the Exam 1 review for the ordinary exam! Also, take another look at the first ordinary exam.

What’s new?

The big news is web pages: HTML and CSS, not JavaScript.

Examples from last term’s ordinary exams

The Practical

The practical will be timed exercise with two tasks.

Decrypting and Encrypting

Yes, we will do it again! But this time you must do it own your own!

Decrypt a signed message using my public key, which should already be in your key chain; and generate an appropriate response to me using the your private key, which you used in Homework 5.

Web pages

Generate a web page with some links and images. Be sure to use the common structure tags, such as <p> and <h1>. Anything required in the HTML/CSS lab and HTML/CSS project is possible.

I am assuming you will use Brackets to generate your solution. To avoid problems, follow these suggestions.