CSCI 107 Exam 1 review

Students requiring accommodations approved by the Office of Academic Accessibility must have the ordinary section of the exam administered by the Office of Academic Accessibility.

The Practical

The practical will be timed exercise with two tasks.

Decrypting and Encrypting

Decrypt a signed message using my public key, which should already be in your key chain; and generate an appropriate response to me using the your private key, which you used in Homework 5.

Graphics — vector and graphics

Generate an interesting image using a path and a picture. This will be similar to the Sticker Design project, but much simpler.

The Ordinary

The ordinary exam will be closed-book and closed-notes with short-answer questions.

Elements of programming

You should be able to “write” short “programs” similar to those in the first two Snap! programming labs.

Of course you really can’t do a complete programs However, suppose you were given a page showing a few of the Motion, Control, and Pen blocks from the Snap! programming page; could you draw a right rectangle? (Treat the last sentence as a huge hint.)


Be able to give a brief description of public key encryption. What is generating a key, signing a message, and sending a message?

3D printing

We’ll save this for a later practical.

Image and Color

Here’s a few things you should be able to do.

Examples from last term’s ordinary exams