CSCI 107 — 3D again

Keeping it simple

It’s the same as before: Try out a simple tutorial and get something to work. I used Bonnie Roskies’s Getting Started in Tinkercad which is pretty simple to follow and can be printed!

The brave may use blender.

What is needed for printing

Sara Sanders, the Engineering Design Studio/Lab Manager, will oversee the printing of 3D files that are stored in STL format (such as my boat. All 3D design programs are able to do this.

In the Computer Science lab you can use meshlab to view your STL file. If it looks acceptable, you can email it to me or, when appropriate, upload it to a moodle dropoff.

Today’s task

As practice, try out Getting Started in Tinkercad tutorial or something similar. Download your project in STL format and use meshlab (or blender, if you import your STL;) or cura, if it has been installed) to view it.