CSCI 107 — 3D

Let’s start with a nice introduction.

Making things


A few best-of lists

A break

Try to use one of the online systems.

The 3 stages of 3D

CAD tools

These, sometimes expensive, programs are for creating the big designs. Here are some that have been used at UNC Asheville.

AutoCAD, Maya, Fusion 360, and Tinkercad are all products of Autodesk. They do have an Education Community.


Slicers transform STL — STereoLithography (see examples) into G-code (see example) which is sent to the printer.

Control software

Control software produces sends the G-code to the 3-D printer. A small computer, such as a Raspberry Pi, is needed for this.


Two operations

A homework

The next homework will be to make a simple object that we can print. The complexity would be something on the order of the cufflinks or chess piece in Tinkercad.

Try to customize your design.