Spring 2016 CSCI 107 Homework 2

Like many CSCI 107 homeworks, this one will be started in the lab and completed at “home.”

If you have programmed before, you may be able to finish this assignment during the lab. If that’s the case, you should consider helping out your fellow students.

The lab, as written, suggests you do “pair programming.” I’m going to suggest that you do parallel programming. That is, that you both connect to the Snap! system and create your own accounts, but that you work in parallel on separate accounts rather than going back and forth.

The assignment

Do Lab 1 of Unit 1, Introduction to Snap! Programming. Be sure to create your own login so that you can use Snap! from any computer with a browser. If you complete the assignment, you should be able to share you work on the Snap! system, just as I did with the solution I wrote last night. You can also view your program on a smartphone, if you can type that really really long URL.

Turning it in

If you follow all the directions, you will have shared your program to the internet with a long URL similar to

Submit your solution by connecting to the Homework 2 moodle page and pasting the URL for your program into the text field.

This will not be strictly graded. I just want to see how much progress you are making.

This homework is due by 5:10 PM on Friday, January 29.