CSCI 373 Computer Networking — Chapter 9 comments

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Take a look at the Sandvine reports to get an idea of much traffic the “traditional” applications are generating with fixed access customers in the United States these days. Note that real-time entertainment is responsible for most traffic (Figure 1).

Over 30% of the traffic was generated by Netflix in 2014 (Figure 2). Many expected to see growth from Amazon Video this year. Web browsing generates a little over 10% of the traffic.

Mobile and fixed access customers differ significantly in their consumption patterns (Table 4).

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Because there is so much SPAM in email, many organizations have given up on running their own email systems. Users accustomed to old style email can continue to access their email using POP or IMAP, but the mailbox services will just be run by companies like Google.

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Slide 41 — End of Traditional Applications

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The root servers are managed through the Root Server Technical Operations Assn.

[…]$ nslookup
[…]$ dig +norecurse @ a
[…]$ dig any

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Here are copies of some DNS management files.

Slide 68 — End of Infrastructure Services

If a network routers in manageable, that usually means it is SNMP-manageable. The objects managed by SNMP are specified in MIB (Management Information Base) files.

RFC 4293 specifies the MIB for the Internet Protocol. The Net-SNMP introduction to the IP MIB is much easier to read. Nonetheless, it is almost impossible to use SNMP without