CSCI 373 Computer Networking — Chapter 7 comments

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Usually the term presentation formatting is applied to standards that are shared by several different servers. For example, XML or JSON would be a presentation format, but the messages exchanged by the SMTP mail server would not.

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Java handles the marshalling of data by use of Serializable interfaces. In Python this is done with the pickle module. Of course, JavaScript uses JSON.

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Usually, the programmer does not write the RPC stubs. They are generated automatically during the compilation process.

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SunRPC is often called ONC RPC or Open Network Computing Remote Procedure Call. The ONC RPC was specified in 1995 by RFC 1831 which was obseleted in 2009 by RFC 5531. Critics claim the XDR really abbreviates “eXtremely Dull and Routine.” The most recent specification of XDR is RFC 4506.

Here are some examples of ONC RPC programming from the Fall 2003 offering of CSCI 363.

NFS, the Network File Server, is written using the ONC RPC.

[…]$ rpcinfo host

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There’s a lot of information about GIF, JPEG and MPEG in the remainder of this chapter, but you better review your math!