Spring 2015 CSCI 373 Homework 5 bis

Your solution to this assignment should be uploaded to Homework 5 on moodle by 11:55 PM on Wednesday, 8 April, 2015.

You can submit your program inside a ZIP archive, but there needs to be one executable file called home05 within the archive.

The task

This is a second attempt at Homework 5. You should look at the Homework 5 Problems page for a discussion of shortcomings of earlier submissions. Both Homework 5 and Homework 5 Problems should be read carefully before revising your earlier solution.


Server programs are expected to be well-written and well-documented. They are also expected to be robust. In order to receive more than 75% credit for this assignment, your server must also be able to process concurrent client connections! In order to receive more than 50%, your server must demonstrate that it has been testing. In order to receive more than 25%, your server must be written in legal Python.