Spring 2015 CSCI 372 Homework 6

The motivation

It’s time to do a little programming in either the shell or Python. This particular assignment has to do with file manipulation, This is not a heavy script and it is a little contrived, but it does relate to a “real world” application, namely grading files submitted with Moodle.

The input

Start by taking a look at a hacked example of a ZIP file created by moodle of homework submissions. First note the the file name John Adams_636656_assignsubmission_file_HW2.py. This is a copy of a file HW2.py submitted by a student named John Adams. Also, note that one student submitted a ZIP file homework2.zip that is a copy of a PyCharm project. Submission of ZIP files containing project directories are common, and often required, in beginning programming classes.

The output

You should write your script so that it is started with a single command given from the command line:
    moodlecopy moodlefile.zip

Your script should extract the files so that they are useful for examination. You are not going to get a detailed description for the first pass, but I do strongly suggest you create a directory for each student and that you translated program names into something far more useful than John Adams_636656_assignsubmission_file_HW2.py. A file called HW2.py stored in an appropriately named directory would be very nice!

Also, do something about those ZIP files that students submit.

Turning it in

Upload your captured log to the Homework 6 moodle page by 11:55 PM on Wednesday, 16 April.