Spring 2015 CSCI 372 Homework 3

A good system adminstrator needs remove access to their machines. We’re going to work on that in this assignment.

ssh reading

Read the section of Chapter 16 (perhaps Chapter 20 in older versions) of The Linux Command line: A Complete Introduction about ssh and then read on-line references about setting up SSH keys. I suggest you start with the Wikipedia page. OpenSSH also maintains an index to many SSH-related documents. Be sure to read about something about generating keys, such as Ubuntu community help page.

If you want a serious reference, you can view SSH, The Secure Shell: The Definitive Guide, an on-line resource of the Ramsey Library.

ssh around the room

Set your account up so that you can ssh between any the CSCI workstations without typing a password. (Only one key is required because your home directory is shared on all CSCI Ubuntu computers.)

You might even set your account so that you can connect from your notebook to the UNCA CSCI computers without giving a password.

ssh to the Pi

Now set up your Pi, so that you can ssh to it without giving a password.

Finally, install the following public key into the authorized keys for of the user brock. This will allow me to login from one of my home computers.

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDWTHoKE3hszgSwR7tIipsWHmAdxzHS6pfLgPdheKgxyBX54Tra2EDJpys4s3InWufeeCADJFNSp1VRGb0PhduNLj7J1uZITR3udGOvXWcSmhbgN2Okh720p3kRRIcyHpTls/x89fHrWb9+bFgJBcmdlpmU1xphdNPe4eSDT4uqzxYDyU0irC08vlzRWd3bjgjvQqc97iAitnX7TLDyRf1Go8dsDYkCZxcy3w9AXc7x7EdcwS6ZNwtZE05e3OvHPRgKdhz4Exxpk1f6HhuDdLjz54Ms54jzJduv+skkhdLLD33a6wl80WrHjbYQ8dpy7YL1MqKbjnqeeW08G+LfTCXx brock@shuttle

SSH practice

You should practice your SSH user skills. Be sure to try out ssh and sftp. Be sure you have login and file transfer client programs on your home computers and notebooks. I use PuTTY on windows and the command line utilities for Linux and Mac OS X.

Once again — how can you turn this in?

Turn in captured scripts showing that you can login without a password. Also, turn in your public key stored in id_rsa.pub . The worse I can do is put it in my id_rsa file so that you can log into my account.

Use the Homework 3 moodle page by 11:55 PM on 3 March.