Spring 2015 CSCI 372 Homework 2

The purpose of this assignment is to get a couple of system administration playpens for everyone. The systems should have free space for system setup and some common accounts.

The virtual machine

If you created a virtual machine in the lab, delete it and create a new one. This virtual machine should be created with the following properties.

The Raspberry Pi

Set up your Pi systems much as we did in last week’s lab. This should give you almost 8 Gbytes of unallocated space on your SD Card. Once we get these systems set up, we will move them across the hall.

Account creation

Read about the adduser command on Linux. Create an account for yourself on the Pi and the virtual machine. Use your last name, in lower-case letters, as the user name. Setup the account for sudo access without having to give a password. (Don’t worry. It’s just a Pi.) You may need to use the Internet to figure all this out.

Repeat the last paragraph, but this time use brock as the user name.

How can you turn this in?

That’s a good question, but I leave it up to determine what evidence you will provide. Perhaps it will be a screen shot or a script of typed commands that provide prove the deed was done.

I will leave plenty of room on the Homework 2 moodle page for you to submit your evidence by 11:00 PM on 27 February.