Spring 2015 CSCI 372 Homework 1

This assignment should be uploaded to Homework 1 on moodle by 11:55 PM on 31 January. If you submit your homework with moodle, you should consider submitting with a PDF or spreadsheet.

The purpose of this homework is to get everyone at the level of experienced command line user before the third week of the course.

There will be a second homework that will ask some deviously hard “how to” questions for bash.

The reading

Read (quickly) Part 1, “Learning the Shell”, of The Linux command line: A Complete Introduction by William E. Shotts, Jr. This book can be read on-line from the library or downloaded from the author’s web site LinuxCommand.org.

The task

As you read through Part 1, execute almost all the commands. There will be a few commands, such as chown and sudo, that you will not be able to do because you lack administrator privileges. There might be other times when the command variations just get to be a bit too much.

What to turn in?

That’s a good question, but enough to convince me you make it through Part 1. Forms of supported evidence include the following: