CSCI 107 File Transfer

Transferring the file

I suggest you use filezilla for transferring your file. It is supported by Windows, Mac OX X, and Linux.

You need to connect to to store you web pages. To do this you must type s as the Host, your UNC Asheville login name as the Username, and your password (more below) as (of course) the Password.
FileZilla connection
Then you can hit enter or press Quickconnect.

If you ask to approve a key, do it. You should also trust the host.
FileZilla key window

Now you must navigate to your local directory on the left and to your remote web server directory, public_html, on the right.
FileZilla file transfer

You can drag either files or folders between the systems.

What about the password?

Although the Computer Science department can find out your UNC Asheville account name, we cannot get access to your password. Your password is generated using the first four letters of your last name and the last four digits of your OneCard ID.

Use the following bit of JavaScript for a bit more help.

Last name on One Card
Student ID on One Card

It is possible to change you password. Your instructor can help you with that one.