CSCI 107 Homework 5


Use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

Due dates

This assignment should be completed by 11:00 PM on Wednesday, 15 April, and uploaded, in one or two files, to Moodle at HW5.

The task

Write a web page and associated CSS page which contains a table with three columns and one row with header elements and three rows with data elements, a bit like the following.

Head West Head Center Head East
Data North West Data North Center Data North East
Data Center West Data Center Center Data Center East
Data South West Data South Center Data South East

However, the fifteen entries of your table must be rendered in all sorts of ridiculous manners using CSS, including at least the following:

Use the CSS tutorial for examples.

One more requirement

Although it may be easier, to prepare yourself for serious HTML and CSS programming don’t use inline styles in this assignment. Use either an internal or external style sheet.