Are we there yet?

Exam 2

We start by taking a look at the second exam and some plausible answers There will be one more exam, and it will look a lot like this one.

Topics to cover

At this point, we have covered all the learning objectives of the class syllabus, except that we used UML diagrams rather than entity-relationship diagrams. We will briefly look at ER diagrams in the next class, just to make sure.

We should also take a longer look at 2NF, since it is mentioned quite a lot.

Homework to complete

There will be one more written homework and a small assignment related to PHP for the course.

The project

I”ve been asked about how the project will be graded. Following the recommendations of UNC Asheville’s former assessment czar, I will use the Oral Communications VALUE Rubric of the American Association of Colleges and Universities in evaluating the “talking” part of the presentation.

You can give a tutorial-style presentation of a technical area related to databases or you can describe a database application. If you take the technical route, please pass the topic by me first. I’ll try to make sure we don’t have any significant overlaps.

A database application presentation should be similar to the first half of a senior project presentation of a database-related project. It should describe an intended application area with a appropriate database design and give, at least, a hint of how this database could be used in the application.

I realize that this may be one of the few presentations you have given so far in your college career. In other words, I’m not expecting a polished presentation, but I hope we will all be a little entranced.