Fall 2014 CSCI 343 Homework 6

This assignment is due in-class on Wednesday, 19 March. It can also be uploaded to Moodle.

UML and database design

In this assignment, you are going to fill in the details. Start with the “field trip” application of the first four questions of Exam 1 but make it more interesting.

At the least, provide for the following extensions, but add others that you might think are useful.

  1. Allow multiple teachers.
  2. Record the schools of the teachers.
  3. Support the buddy system for the smaller kids.
  4. Provide an emergency contact number for each field trip participant, including teachers, chaperons, and students.

Continue to have the students divided into groups with optional chaperons and think about adding some ID numbers.

The task

Create UML-style documentation for your database design.