Mealy and Moore — It’s not the FSM

Mealy and Moore outputs

An FSM can have both Mealy-style and Moore-style outputs. Often the combinational circuit between the registers and a Moore output is just a wire.
Mealy and Moore outputs

Interconnecting Mealy and Moore “machines”

If you connect a Mealy output of one FSM to an input of another FSM, you need to make sure the delay time through both machines is less than a clock cycle.

Mealy and Moore left Mealy and Moore right

Two-phase clocking

In the 70’s, integrated circuits where often made with using two clock signals, φ1 and in φ2, with non-overlapping phases. The FSM design was broken into two parts, one working during φ1 and the other, in φ2. The two parts of the FSM were connected by latches controlled by different clocks.
FSM design with two phase clocking

Today many circuits are designed with clock domains controlled by different clocks.