CSCI 202 in-class lab 9

Task 1

Create a class ManyCircles within the package edu.unca.cs.csci202 in a new NetBeans project.

Next add a class Point1080 within the same project. Objects of the class Point1080 will correspond to points within a 1080×1920 grid.

Task 2

Add definitions for two private integers x and y to Point1080 and create appropriate accessor and mutator methods and constructors for your class.

Task 3

Add code to your main method to test your Point1080 class by creating and modifying a few Point1080 objects.

Task 4

Modfiy your mutator methods and, when appropriate, contructor methods to throw IllegalArgumentException when they are invoked with arguments outside the allowable range.

Return to the main routine and add code to test your new throws.