CSCI 202 homework 10

Rules of submission

This assignment must be submitted to the Moodle submission page for Homework 10 by 11:00 PM on Monday, 1 April.

Your submission must contain two classes Point1080 and WritePoints in the edu.unca.cs.csci202 package.

Getting started

You should start with the Point1080 class you turned in to Homework 8 or the one provided for Lab 11. When you create your new WritePoints class, cut-and-paste your randomPoints method into it.

The task

First, add a method toString to your Point1080 class. You should get into the habit of overriding the default toString whenever you write an interesting class. In this case, our toString should return the convention tuple representation of a point, such as "(202,255)".

Second, have the main method of WritePoints ask the “user” for (1) the name of a file to create and (2) the number of random points to write to that file. Read the file name first and then the number of points. Also, read an entire line for the file name to allow the inclusion of white space within the file name. (A practice that has, in my opinion, become too common.)

Do some input validation. If the “user” provides a bad file name or bad number, but sure that your program handles the exceptions Java will generate in these cases.

I suggest you use the FileWriter and PrintWriter in your application. There are examples of doing this in the textbook or all over the internet. You can even try the official Java tutorial on character stream I/O. See the example for inspiration.