IDE Practical

The setup

Start by creating a project that contains the following two classes. You should be able to determine the appropriate class and package names from the first two lines of non-commented Java in the files.

The task

Within the PracticalSpring2013 there are comments (which are repeated below) giving four small changes to be made to PracticalSpring2013 Make these changes to your program.

  1. Create an object of type Size.
  2. Use the nextInt method of stdin to read an integer. Store the integer into a variable named theLength.
  3. Use the setLength method of your Size object to set the length of your object to theLength.
  4. Use the getLength method of Size and the println method of System.out to print the length of your Size object.

The upload

When you are done upload a ZIPed copy of your project to the IDE Practical dropoff on moodle.