Early exam and IDE Practical Review

The early exam and IDE Practical will be given from 1:45 until 3:25 on February 28. The class will be divided into two sections. 45 minutes will be given to the early exam and 45 minutes will be given to the IDE Practical.

Early exam

The early exam will cover fundamentals of Java programming language syntax and Java method invocation. You should be familar with the following

If you received a lot of aid from others in completing the homework, it is extremely important that you master these homeworks on your own.

IDE Practical

In the IDE Practical you will be asked to create a NetBeans (or Eclipse if you prefer) project with two files which are provide to you as web links. This is similar to how a project was created in Lab 7.

You will then be asked to make small additions, about seven lines of Java code, to one of these files.

Then you will be asked to create a ZIP file from your project using a locally installed program zip202 and to submit your ZIP file to the course moodle page.