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Where is my storage?

In Firefox, look for the directory where your browser stores your account information. On Linux, this will be in a subdirectory of .mozilla/firefox which ends with the default. Find the most recently created one of these.

If you connect to this directory you will see several files that end with the suffix sqlite. SQLite is a lightweight stand-alone SQL database engine.

Copy one of the file webappsstore.sqlite to the /tmp directory. You don’t want to update the real database and you may not have good results if Firefox is running.

Execute the following command to start up sqlite.

sqlite3 /tmp/webappsstore.sqlite

You can use most SQL commands with SQLite, but you do need to use some special SQL extensions. Try out the following:

.schema webappsstore2
PRAGMA table_info(webappsstore2) ;
select scope from webappsstore2 ;

You should probably delete the files you copied to the /tmp directory.

Google chrome also uses SQLite. It stores its information in the .config/google-chrome/Default subdirectory of your account.

Opera stores information in the .opera subdirectory Opera uses its own binary format for storing information. Opera does provide some on-line information explaining its file structure.