CSCI 242 Project 1 Part 1


Use JSON and the HTML5 canvas to display a schedule.

Due dates

This assignment should be completed by 11:00 PM on Monday, 20 March and uploaded to the Moodle submission page for Part 1 of Project 1.

The Big Picture

Many years ago, Joe Daugherty wrote a Java applet to display his weekly teaching schedule.

Your task is to use HTML5, JSON, and JavaScript to make a similar display. Your JavaScript application should be written so that it can be driven from a JSON file which is an array of structures, one for each course, similar to the following.

{"course": "CSCI 202.001", "time": "MWF 10:00-11:15", "url": ""}

A really nice solution would allow the instructor to also give times for office hours and regular meetings.

The First task

The first part of this project is to create a design document of the format of the JSON input file. Think about everything you ll need for the project.