CSCI 242 Homework 9


Do a little video with HTML5.

Due dates

This assignment must be completed by 11:00 PM on Wednesday, 6 April, but I expect most of it to be done in class on Monday, 27 March.

The task

The Prelinger Archives is a large collection of public domain films. Most of these are old educational films.

Take a look at the 1947 film Southern Highlanders that is available at the archive. Note that the film is available in several different formats.

Your task isn‘t particularly challanging. Using this film and some of the files available from Chapter 8 create an HTML5 page for displaying the movie.

I suggest you start with the Webville TV code and perhaps modify the background to be something more appropriate for the area.

If you are ambitious, you can try to add some interesting controls for starting and stopping the video similar to those found in the video booth code.

Store your page so it can be accessed by the following URL.