CSCI 202 Files and Documentation


Successful software management requires careful organization of file locations and file names and proper documentation. Rules for locations and names and simple documentation standards given in this handout.

Packages and Classes

Every Java class is identified by a package and class names. In order to insert your Java program into a larger system, you must use the correct names.

Every programming assignment will list the packageclass names that must be used in submissions.

The Java conventions for naming packages requires that all package names should be sequence of period-separated lower-case words. It is suggested that organizations should begin packages names with a reversed internet domain names. An example of this would be edu.unca.cs.labaids which was used for CSCI 201 labs for years.

In this course, it would be cumbersome to use long period-separated words, so package names will be simple and generally reflect the homework assignment, such as homework1.

By convention Java class names are supposed to be camel cased words, such as “NetBeans” or “AstroTurf”. This convention will also be followed in this course.

Let‘s assume that the assignment calls for use of the package name packagename and class name ClassName. If you are using NetBeans, it isn‘t hard to follow the assignment rules. If you are creating a Java application; start with the menu choice New Project.... When you arrive the window labeled New Java Application, set the Project Name to be the required package name. Then set the textfield following Create Main Class to the required package name followed by a period and then the required class name, such as packagename.ClassName>.

The first few lines of your Java program should contain the following:

package packagename;

public class ClassName {

Packages and Classes

In some assigments, you will be asked to build a class which isn‘t the main class. An example of this is Homework 2.

For those assignments, you should start by defining creating a Java application with the project name given in the assignment, but use TestDriver as the class name. Often you will be given the code for TestDriver.

Then you should use the menu choice New File... to add a Java class to your project. When you get to the New Java Class window, you will need to type in the class and project names in two different text fields.


You should endeavor to follow the Code Conventions for the Java Programming Language in your program.

The Javadoc @author must be completed with your name and email address, similar to the example shown below.

 * @author Dean Brock <>