CSCI 202 Homeworks 13


To partition arrays and Deques of Strings to experience the partition step of the Quicksort algorithm and second time.

Due dates

The completed assignment must be submitted as Homework 13 of CSCI 202 on Moodle by 8:15 AM Moday, April 23.

The task

Redo, if you wish, Homework 11.

However, to make the instructor’s job easier, try to place your program in the class Homework13 within the package homework13.

The grading

In the overall homework grading this assignment will have half the weight as Homework 11; however, it will give you a chance to raise your Homework 11 grade.

If you redo Homework 11 and submit it as Homework 13, your Homework 11 grade will be raised so that it receives proportionally the same grade as Homework 13.

If you do not submit a new Homework 13, your Homework 13 will be set so that proportionally it is the same grade as Homework 13.