Homework 7

Due date and weights

This is a 30-point assignment due by 11:00 pm on Monday 25 April, 2011. You should submit your files to Homework 7 of the course moodle.

Generate public and private GnuPG keys

Use GnuPG to generate public and private keys for yourself. You can use the Linux program gpg to do this or you can download Gpg4win on a Windows computer.

Export your public key. You will eventually upload this to moodle.

Import a public GnuPG key

Download a public key I have generated for this homework and import it into your public key ring.

See if a message is signed

Below are links to two files:

One of these file is a signed message and the other is a modified signed message. Determine which one is the fake.

Encrypt and sign a message

Write a message which tells which of the two messages is a fake and encrypt it with my public key for this assignment. Then sign the encrypted message with your private key for this assignment.

Upload your files

At this point, you should have two generated two files.

Upload these files to moodle.