Homework 1

Due date and weights

This is a 20-point assignment due Monday 31 January, 2011. You may turn your solution in at class or submit via moodle.

Problem 1

From your browser connect to the home page of my other class, http://www.cs.unca.edu/evw.

Your first problem is to perform this operation manually by using telnet to connect to port 80 of www.cs.unca.edu. This is similar to what we did in this week's lecture, but with a different URL.

You will need to perform three separate web page fetches to perform this operation, because the first two will result in redirects. You can turn in a copy of a script of your access or you can turn in copies of the three HTTP headers you encounter while doing the homework.

On a Linux computer, you can use the program script to capture the output of your commands. You will need to type exit to terminate the script.

Problem 2

Using two of the following three common operating systems, (1) Linux, (2) Mac OS, and (3) Windows; use, as appropriate the ifconfig or ipconfig commands to determine the following information:

  1. The computer's MAC (Ethernet) address
  2. The computer's IP address
  3. The address of the computer's gateway
  4. The mask for the computer's primary network

We didn't cover these programs in class. Use the web to figure how to use them.