Infrared communiction


Read pages 179 to 183 of the textbook.

Also, read the two serial communcation pages from Rebecca Bruce's Fall 2009 lab.

Be very careful with the IR receiver! The one described in the above references have a different pin-out than the ones we puchased for the class. If your IR receiver has the number V32338 on top, look at the datasheet for the Vishay Semiconductors TSOP32338.


Your task is to write a program that uses the Arduino as a IR receiver.

For a "C", design an Arudino board and application that receives IR signal and writes the codes out the output port. This is pretty much the IRrecvDemo code shown on Ken Shiffiff's blog entry for A Multi-Protocol Infrared Remote Library for the Arduino.

For a "B", do some non-trivial interpretation of those codes.

For a "A", there are two choices. (1), Design and IR receiver/transmitter on the Arduino. (2), Write two programs: An Arudino program that receives IR signals and transmits them out the serial port and a Processing program that receives those signals and does something interesting with them.