Introduction to the Arduino

Having the right path and being in the right groups

Your account must belong to the groups lock and uucp and include /usr/local/bin in its path to download programs to the board.\ Type the following two commands to check if your account is ready to go.

[yourid@yourmach currentdir] id
[yourid@yourmach currentdir] which arduino

Hopefully, the first command will show that you are in groups uucp and lock and the second command will show that you have the arduino command in your path.

Distributing the arduino

Today we will be distributing the Arduino board and a USB cable in class. These are not yours to keep. However, for about $30 you can buy your own board.

During the semester, we will be sharing the boards with CSCI 273. Don't get too attached.

What's an Arduino Duemilanove

Listen to an inspiring lecture on the components of the Arduino Duemilanove board. You may have the older Arduino Diecimilia board. There's a minor difference in the power supply circuitry of the two boards that can largely be ignored.

Arduino Programs

Arduino programs are written in language very similar to C and C++. However, because the memory available on the board is very limited, you must keep your programs simple.

The compiled code produced by the Arduino compiler can run only on the Arduino board. It cannot run on your lab or home computer.

Trying it out

If time permits, try out an Arduino program from the Arduino Examples page.