Your 379 Web Site

The last step we need is the first step we should have taken.

Connecting to your account

Your account and password

You have an account on the UNCA Computer Science web server. Some of you may know this. Most won't.

This account has a user name and a password. The user name is not the same as your UNCA email ID, but it is similar. Take the first up-to-six letters of your last name, then add on your two initials. For me, this would be brockjd, For Franklin Delano Roosevelt, this would be roosevfd. This is more-or-less the reverse of your UNCA email id.

Your password is a little harder. Take the first four letters of your last name, promperly capitalized, and add on the last four numbers of your UNCA student ID. The unexpected part here is that the number on your Onecard is not really your UNCA ID. It's your ID with an extra number stuck on the end. So, if Roosevelt's OneCard said 9301378631, his password would be Roos7863.

An initial page

Cut and paste the following into windows Notepad and edit the text as you see fix. This is real HTML.

<head><title>My EVW page</title></head>
<h1>My EVW page</h1>
This is the EVW web page of me.

Now save the file with the name index.html on the desktop.

Transferring the file

Use the SSH client to connect to There create a directory called public_html and store your index.html file in that directory. You will need someone to direct your through this part of the assigment.

Displaying your page

Let's see if this works at all. Go into your browser and try to connect to, where USERNAME is your user name, as in

If this works in one lab period, I'll be very happy.