Spring 2009 379.002 Meeting Schedule

Jan 21 Getting started and Zork Class home page and Zork
Jan 21 Etoys and Scratch
Squeak Etoys Authoring & Media by Alan Kay
Jan 26 Scratch Reference Guide
Jan 28 A simple animation
Feb 2 Stuff: Scratch, 3-D worlds, MacPaint, vector graphics Scratch
old VRML
Vector graphics
Feb 4 UNCA classes cancelled -- snow
Feb 9 Ray tracing, Polygons, NURBS, Extrusion, Constructive Solid Geometry Blender, Cambridge, Ray tracing 0 Ray tracing 1, Ray tracing 2 Ray tracing 3, Bezier surfaces Blender modeling
Feb 11 Career Center Presentation
Feb 16 Blender example
Feb 18 That test and writing Bean's Guidelines
Feb 23 Some examples and other stuff Auto-tune
Google and Atlantis
Feb 25 More examples, Second Earth Technology Review
Mar 2 Metaverse: Virtual and Real Worlds Virtual Reality
Mar 4 Physics! Physics engine
A hard-to-read tutorial
Mar 16 UVA Virtual Lab, Grammar Girl, czeching grammer with computers, sentence diagrams
Mar 18 General Education
Mar 23 Information literacy -- Robert Bland
Mar 25 Wing's talk, Grammar, Cobalt demo, jacket,Google earth/body, Total Immersion PDF, HTML,HTML
Mar 30 Walking, SketchUp
Apr 1 Three university on-line writing resources: UNCA, Purdue, MIT; Mashups, 3D Warehouse, Google KML Classroom, Walk, Building
Apr 6 Class in ZH 101 Setup, Walking
Apr 8 Scratch lab 1 In Zager 101
Apr 13 Scratch lab 2 In Zager 101
Apr 15 Paper rubric Back in Carmichael
Apr 20 Do something exciting in SketchUp such as this Campus landmark, which is about 10 inches by 10 inches by 9 feet.
Apr 22 Read about SandBots. Then look at some SketchUp examples and possibly try to modify them.
Apr 27 This week we're going to look into "augmented" reality using Google Earth and Google KML.
Apr 29 Let's see if we can come up with a web site to store your Google Earth enhancements.
May 4
May 6 UNCA final exam slot -- 3:00 to 5:30

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