Spring 2009 CSCI 379.002 Projects

CSCI 379.002 students will complete a couple of projects in which they will develop an elementary virtual world. CSCI 379.002 is not a programming course. The purpose of these projects is to experience, not master, the process.

Sometimes projects will include a class presentation.

Project 1 -- Due 18 February

Using Scratch, Etoys, or Alice, write a little program with three moving objects. Try to have the objects interact in an interesting fashion.

This is no project 2

This is just a way to keep the numbering of the Essays and Projects in sync.

Project 3 -- Due 3 April

Do a little research on the animation of walking. In addition to looking for information about recent computer animation of walking, be sure to look into how walking was drawn in 50-year-old cartoons. Use Scratch to write a little program with walking stick figures.

Essay assignment 3 is also about this project.

Project 4 will be about 3-D modelling -- Due 17 April

Using either SketchUp or blender, design a model of a structure that resembles your dream. house. Essay assignment 4 will be related to this project.

Project 5 will be about the "metaverse"