Spring 2009 379.002 KML

This week we are going to look at a specific example of "augmented reality", in particular the use of Google Earth as the basis of a virtual earth.

If you want just a bittle bit more information about Google Earth and its KML format look at the Google Earth tutorial posted by the Ute Pass Elementary School. If you want to know a lot about KML, check out Google's extensive KML documentation.

The plan is to follow the directions in the SketchUp help file Placing a SketchUp model in Google Earth to try to place your SketchUp model in Google Earth. If you are able to save your model as a Google Earth KMZ file, email it to your instructor and he'll try to put it on the class web page.

Warning: The instructor had a hard time with this, but he did get an an example to work. You may also have a hard time with it.

Here is a collection of dream houses submitted by the CSCI 379 class.