Spring 2006 CSCI 107 Syllabus


The course instructor is Dean rock. The course lectures will be delivered on Tuesday from 6:00 M to 7:40 PM in Rhoades 110

Class home page

All class handouts, including homework assignments, can be found through the following URL:


CSCI 107, Introduction to Computers and Multimedia, is an introductory survey course in Computer Science. Each week the course has two hours of lectures and a formal lab session that will also last about two and one half hours. The lectures focus on the digital convergence of computer and communications technology and multimedia. We will survey computer hardware and software, with a particular emphasis on their use in networks and multimedia. We will also examine the societal effects of computers and multimedia. The formal labs develop skills in useful computer applications such as spread sheets, databases, Internet browsers, and multimedia design tools.


The textbook for the course will be the introductory version of Computers are your Future written by Bill Daley and published by Pearson Prentice Hall (ISBN 0-13-148802-3). Supplemental materials, lecture notes, and practice quizes can be found at http://wps.prenhall.com/bp_daley_ciyf_8, the publisher's web site.

Grading Policy

Grades will be based on points earned from three in-class exams, one presentation and report, and two or three programming projects.

Three one-hour tests 65%
Class assignments and participation 10%
Lab projects 15%
Labs 10%

The following numerical scale will be used in assigning grades based on Score, the weighted score computed using the preceding table.

Score ≥ 92 A
Score ≥ 90 & Score < 92 A-
Score ≥ 88 & Score < 90 B+
Score ≥ 82 & Score < 88 B
Score ≥ 80 & Score < 82 B-
Score ≥ 78 & Score < 80 C+
Score ≥ 72 & Score < 78 C
Score ≥ 70 & Score < 72 C-
Score ≥ 68 & Score < 70 D+
Score ≥ 60 & Score < 68 D
Score < 60 F

Attendance Policy


Students are expected to attend all class lectures. Many of the topics discussed in the lectures are not necessarily found in the text. The Powerpoint presentations for each class can be downloaded from the schedule web page. If you do not have Powerpoint on your home computer you may download Microsoft's free PowerPoint Viewer or you can try out the compatible Impress presentation maker available from OpenOffice.


It is especially important that you attend all labs. You will be expected to complete the lab assignment within the scheduled 2 1/2 hour lab period. Usually you will be given a grade for the lab before you leave the computer room. If you must miss a lab for illness or a required UNCA activity you must make arragments with your instructor to possibly complete the work in another lab time before the next week's scheduled lab. After the week has passed you will not be able to make up the lab and you will receive a score of zero for that week's lab. The lowest grade of all the labs will not be counted.

Missing exams, quizzes, or assignments

If you must miss an exam or quiz due to illness or approved University activity you must contact the instructor before the scheduled time and perhaps something can be arranged to avoid a zero for this exam or quiz. Failure to notify the instructor prior to the scheduled time will produce an automatic zero for the quiz or exam. Practice quizzes are available from the Computer are your Future textbook site. No late class assignments will be accepted.

Email Communication

Your instructor will periodically communicate with you through your official student email address as listed on UNCA's class registration rolls. Typically, this is your bulldog account (yourlogin@bulldog.unca.edu). These communications will typically be about assignments. You must periodically check this e-mail account for messages and insure that new messages can be received.

Any email questions regarding information protecting by the federal Family Educational Right to Privacy Act, such as recorded grades on assignments or quizes, should be sent from your official UNCA account. This is the only account I will use to send legally protected information to you.

For more information

The best way to get in touch with me is to send email to brock@cs.unca.edu. If you need to see me, send me email to arrange an appointment.