CSCI 331 Homework 1

time due submission file
12:45 PM Thursday 10 February, 2005 csci/331/HW1/annotated.c

A bit more on the submission details

This homework is due at 1:45 PM, the beginning of class, on Thursday, 10 February, 2005. You turn the program in by copying it to the file csci/331/HW1/annotated.c on, the UNCA Computer Science server.

The Department requires an SSH-enabled FTP for the transfer. If you need help doing this from a Windows computer, look at Section 5 of the UNCA CSCI 107 lab on files and directories.

The assignment

Study the program stored in /usr/local/csci/331/HW1/unannotated.c. Determine what it does and add C comments to the program describing its action.

Also think about how you would write a second program that creates a child process that execve's the unannotated program and causes it to execute without failure. This will be your next assignment.