Spring 2003 ENGR 212 / ECE 212 Schedule

The days section is a table of class meetings. Assigned readings and lecture notes are also included in this table. The topics section is a list of topics. As the semester progresses, topics will be assigned to specific dates.

This page also contains links for on-campus review of the lectures in RealMedia format. Due to the low data transfer rates of the UNCA network, you should only access the UNCA copy from on campus. When off campus, please access the lectures through the NCSU ECE 212 video archive.

Class meetings

LectureTopicsReadingNotes and Aids
15 January Number systems and Codes Chapter 2 Course home page
What is digital logic?
Data representation
17 January UNCA classes canceled
22 January Number systems and Codes Chapter 2
24 January Boolean algebra Chapter 4 Lecture notes
MultiMedia Logic simulator
MultiMedia Logic examples
27 January
29 January Circuit synthesis Lecture notes
Synthesis spreadsheet
31 January
3 February Karnaugh maps Lecture notes
K-map applet
5 February
7 February Automation and hazards Lecture notes
10 February
12 February ABEL Lecture notes
14 February Test 1
17 February CMOS gates Sections 3.1 - 3.3 Uni Hamburg CMOS Gate Demo
Lecture Slides (PDF) (PPT)
19 February PLA Chapter 5 Lecture notes
21 February MUXes, Decoders Lecture notes (PPT) (PDF)
24 February
26 February Adders and ALU Lecture nodes (MS Word)
28 February Parity, Comparitors, Multiplexers II Lecture notes (PPT)
3 March A combinational example Lecture notes (pdf)
5 March Latches and flip-flops Chapter 7 Lecture notes (pdf)
7 March Lecture notes (pdf)
17 March State machine analysis Lecture notes (pdf)
19 March
21 March Lecture notes (pdf)
24 March Review for test 2
26 March Test 2
28 March State assignment (one-hot), minimization Chapter 7 Lecture notes (html)
31 March
2 April Registers Chapter 8 Lecture notes (PDF), (MS Word)
4 April Data Path Lecture notes (PDF), (MS Word)
7 April
9 April
11 April Memories Chapter 10 Lecture notes (PPT)
14 April
16 April Memory hierachy Lecture notes from MIT 6.004 (view, print)
21 April Cache Lecture notes from MIT 6.004 (view, print)
23 April Test 3
25 April Cache Chapter 10 Memory subsystem of Intel Itanium 2
28 April VHDL Sections 4.7 and 7.12 Lecture notes
VHDL Simili download
Directory of stuff
30 April
2 May Review for final
9 May Final exam, 8:30-11:30
12 May All work due