Spring 2003 ENGR 212 Homework 8+

This homework is due 7 May, 4:30 PM.

On account of the universal problems with problems 3 and 4 on Homework 8, this new homework assignment contains some new problems 3 and 4.

The old Homework 8, without problems 3 and 4, will determine 60% of the Homework 8 grade. The new Homework 8 will determine 40%.

Problem 3

For the following caches, determine the number of cache blocks and partition and label a 32-bit address into the tag, index, and block offset field.

Problem 4

Apply the following address stream to a 256 byte direct mapped cache, with block size of 16 bytes. Assuming that the cache is initially empty: (1) Show the final contents of the cache. Only show the tags. Leave cache blocks that were not touched by the address stream blank. (2) How many cache hits were there? (3) How many replacements were there?