Problem set 6 for CSCI 255 -- Spring 2000

You may do this problem set in groups of three. Turn in one assignment for the group. Include the names of all group members.

Problem 1. (3 points)

Design a 3-to-8 decoder using three 2-to-4 decoders. Don't expect to use all decoder inputs in a useful way.

Problem 2. (3 points)

How would you set the M, S1, and S0 inputs to the arithmetic-logic unit described in Figures 5.7(a) and 5.8(a) on pages 180 and 181 of the textbook to compute the following functions:

Yes. This problem is as easy as it seems.

Problem 3. (4 points)

Do problem 5.22(b). Assume the comparator inputs are presented a two two-bit numbers.

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