24 April, 2000

Seven concepts (in 2000) of high speed processor design

  1. caches
  2. pipelines
  3. out-of-order (register renaming)
  4. branch prediction
  5. multiple issue
  6. multimedia extensions
  7. multi-processing

Proccess block diagram
The PC Technology Guide
is a good on-line source of information about the architecture of the Intel processors.



Cyrix pipeline

Alpha Integer Instruction Pipeline Stages
IF Instruction fetch
SWAP Swap dual issue instruction Branch prediction
I0 Decode
I1 Register file(s) access Issue check
A1 Computation cycle 1 Ibox computes new PC
A2 Computation cycle 2 Instruction translation buffer (TB) lookup
WR Integer register file write Instruction cache hit/Miss

Problems of the pipe