CSCI 343 Presentations -- Spring 1999

Presentations will be given in the 5 May and 19 May classes. (No classes are scheuled for 12 May. It's "Reading Day".) Graduating senior must present on 5 May. There will also be a one-hour exam on that day.

Presentations to be individual, not group, presentations. The in-class presentations should last about seven minutes and be accompanied by a two or three page written discussion of the topic. "Overheads" for the in-class presentations should be generated in HTML format that can be placed within the class home page.

Presentations should relate to "e-Commerce" and databases. e-Commerce is the term being applied to doing business on the Net. Possible topics include concepts/protocols (SSL, SET, ODBC), software (transaction managers), case studies (, etc. Chapter 24, Web Technology and DBMSs, is worth reading before selecting a topic. I suggest you read the trendy trade journals to find a "hot" topic.

Some topics may be too big for one person. It is possible for two people to partition a topic, but there should be a clear demarkation between the two parts.

Send email to Dean Brock before your presentation so that he may ponder your topic.

5 May, 1999
Roger Batsel Agents in E-commerce
March 1999 CACM
Liz Gonzalez VBSCRIPT and SQL calendars
Building a Web calendar
Keefer Hamrick AI in e-commerce
Peter Hill Online Education
Nick Kelischek Cyber Cash
Mark McDiarmid Middleware for Internet Transaction Applications
Gina Noto E-Bay
Spencer Steele Setting Up Shop Online
Can E-Commerce Work for Small Businesses Too?
19 May, 1999
Alton Absher Legislation about 128-bit encryption
Michael Bouchelle PDM (Product Data Management)
Sharing data with business partners
Seth Buckley E*Trade
Joshua Calloway OO Databases in e-Commerce
Shannon Cross Virtual Stock Market
Anthony Elledge Digital certificates
Michael Elliott WebMD
Arthur Fotos E-commerce Outside of the USA
Dawn Hand ODBC
William Hirst SSL -- Secure Sockets Layer
Darrell Jernighan ???
Allison Leider Real Changes for Real Estate
Brendan McGrane TPC-C benchmark
Angelica Mendoza ASP-db
Kenny Nichols Snickelways Interactive
Hiliary Pierce E-Commerce Transaction Methods: EDI vs. XML
Anthony Reidler Degrees programs in e-Commerce
Chris Rickman CGI vs. Servlets for Web Applications
Jonathan Stanley E-Commerce Security Flaws
Ben Weigand Secure Electronic Transation (SET)

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