Homework 10 -- Normalization

The table

We'll start out with a table similar to the one used in Quiz 2. The table is used to track purchase orders. Each purchase order is made to a specific company and contains several lines corresponding to the items being ordered. The specific columns of this table are

A unique id for purchase orders
The line number within a purchase order
The name of the person requesting the purchase.
This is expressed as initials followed by last name.
The office of the person requesting the purchase.
This is where the item should be delivered.
Department that pays for the order
Account number to be charged
Brief name of the item
Number of the item being order
Cost of the item

Here are some organization rules that should help you in normalized the database.

If you have any questions, send email to brock@cs.unca.edu for a response.

The Assignment

The table is already in first order form. In a series of three steps transform the table into tables of

Due dates

This assignment is due on Monday, 5 May. You may turn in either a handwritten assignment or, for a bit more extra credit, an assignemt generated using one of the Silverrun CASE tools.

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